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Europaexpertinnen und -experten gesucht – AEI stellt neue Projektteams zusammen

Heidrun Zanetta in conversation with Urban Forum: Article (12/2018)

Heidrun Zanetta in conversation with the SENATE Magazine of the Senate of the Economy: Article (01/2019)

International cooperation: Goldgruber on working visit to Belgrade (10/18).

Finanz Aktuell: Pure women power (02/13)


The gendered construction of society: gender issues and body-worn video in the police context (2016).

Business & Management Journal – A Quarterly: Data Transfer in Disaster Management (2016).

IDIMT-2016, Information Technology and Society, Interaction and Interdependenceand Economy Strategic Cross-.
Influences. 24th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks: engaging marginalized groups in crisis management processes, models, studies and holistic perspectives (2016).

IDIMT-2015, Information Technology and Society, Interaction and Interdependence: community-based data transfer using multiple agents (2015).

Human Technology: Crises and Social Media: A Metastudy of Relevant Research and Practice. 

Cedem Asia 2014: from academic debate to real-world use and back: theoretical and practical implications of social media as a communication channel in crisis and disaster management (12/14).

Connecting Stakeholders, Finding Solutions, Disaster Risk Reduction in Dialogue between Academia and Practice: Participatory Social Media Approaches and Information Flows, in Disaster Management. Opportunities and challenges in the QuOIMA project (11/14).

Central and Eastern European legal studies: new opportunities and challenges for participation in crisis and disaster relief (2015).