EU Twinning Project: Improving Revenue Collection and Tax and Customs policy

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Project duration

January 2020 – January 2023

Project description

EU Twinning Project: Improving Revenue Collection and Tax and Customs policy includes participants from three institutions: Ministry of Finance, Public Revenue Office, and Customs Administration. The project started on 20th January 2020 and because of the Covid pandemic workshops so far have been entirely performed by online applications like Skype and Web-ex. This project has been a pilot project for workshops online. Often we have held up to 3 workshops, sometimes even 4 weekly. Nevertheless, this project is fully successful and has held 80 workshops so far.

The project has 4 components.

In Component 1 we have been producing Gaps and Needs analysis for a new financial low that will increase revenue collection in North Macedonia. We have also started drafting new legislation in English and the Macedonian language.

In Component 2 we are very proud that we produced Tax Expenditure Estimation Report which was very much needed in North Macedonia. Also, participants have been trained to analyze financial data and make finical predictions.

In Component 3 Customs officials have been trained in various fields for tax and customs procedures, movement of waste, cooperation and procedures with public prosecutors, economic investigation. Enchantment of the IT and operational capacities in defining business processes of customs procedures in direction of preparation of technical specification for Traditional own resources system (A and B accounts)  Drafts of business concepts were made for EORI 2 and NCTS phase 5.

In Component 4 various Assessment Reports were produced on existing methodological tools in areas of VAT, Tax Debt ad Tax collection management.