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Short-Term Expert

Internal Reference:



In Component 1:

  • Strategic advisory support to the Ministry of Justice
  • Developing performance reviews for judges, prosecutors, and judicial and legal associates
  • Improvement of the justice chain and enforcement process
  • Developing the new ICT strategy and assisting in its implementation
  • Supporting the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in developing initial and continual training programs
  • Institutional strengthening for management and monitoring of justice reforms

Component 2:

  • Improving investigation capacities with emphasis on complex criminal cases, such as economic, financial, banking, customs, cyber, and other sectors
  • Intelligence-led policing and improving capacities for analysis of the criminal environment and risk analysis system
  • Improving the use of special investigative measures in criminal investigations
  • Supporting the National Coordination Centre for organized crime control
  • Improving capacities for assets recovery and freezing and seizure management

Component 3:

  • Strategic support to the SCPC in support of their mandate
  • Improving control and verification of assets declarations by public officials
  • Digitization of the assets declaration process
  • Enforcement of the law on lobbying and restrictions on gifts
  • Improving transparency of financing of political parties and election campaigns
  • Improving prevention of corruption in public procurement

Place of Employment:

North Macedonia

Estimated Duration of Employment:

one week up to 5 years

Necessary Qualifications/Skills:

General profile for experts for the EU North Macedonia grant EU Support for Rule of Law:

  • University level degree in the field of law or economics or political science or public administration or law enforcement or similar field
  • At least 10 years of working experience in the field of justice sector or law enforcement or anti-corruption or public procurement
  • Previous working experience on an EU funded project as a short term expert or higher position
  • Fluency in written and spoken English


  • Previous involvement in EU assistance projects in Southeastern Europe
  • Experience of working with public institutions in North Macedonia in general
  • Working with one of the beneficiary institutions previously
  • Ability to communicate in the Macedonian language

Application form

Application Form

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