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Mid-Term Expert

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The mid – term expert will work as part of the implementation team for the European Union grant – funded project “EU Support for Rule of Law” in North Macedonia. The project is being implemented by an experienced international partnership led by the Agency for European Integration and Economic Development GmbH and three Co – Applicants – the Ministry of Justice and Administration of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Austria and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the rule of law in North Macedonia. Component 3 of the project implements activities to improve the prevention and fight against corruption.


One of the expected results in Component 3 is to improve prevention of corruption in public procurement. One activity within this result is dedicated to mapping the situation in procurement. The mid – term expert will support the implementation of that activity – “Assessment of the existing e – procurement system, processes, control measures, etc”.

The Mid – term Expert in the field of procurement and anti – corruption will provide an assessment of the current situation of prevention of corruption in public procurement and develop concrete proposals and recommendations aimed at improving prevention of corruption in public procurement and thus the creation of an efficient system (including, among others, regulations, processes, ICT system and awareness – raising activities).

The Mid – term Expert will report directly to the Component Leader for Component 3. The Component Leader and the Mid – term Expert will hold weekly or bi – weekly meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to closely follow the work of the Expert and stay informed on any key findings important for other expected results of the component /project. But also, to coordinate meetings so that the Component Leader and /or the Component Assistant will be able to attend, if considered necessary.

The Mid – term Expert will research and prepare his/her report through meetings with key stakeholders both on management and operational level and analysis of reports, procedures, regulations, systems, etc.

Place of Employment:

North Macedonia

Estimated Duration of Employment:

March – May 2022

Necessary Qualifications/Skills:

• Minimum 15 years of relevant working experience.


• Master’s level degree in finance, economics, public administration, law, political science, or related field (or equivalent).

• Fluency in written and spoken Macedonian and English.

• Very good oral and written communication and presentation skills, sensitive to political environment, excellent analytical skills, pragmatic approach, strong in strategic thinking and operational planning.

• Excellent knowledge of the public procurement legal framework, processes and e – procurement system in North Macedonia.

• Proven experience in policy advice, research and analysis on issues related to public procurement in North Macedonia.

• Experience from reporting and/or assessing anti – corruption in the public sector of North Macedonia.


• Fluency in written and spoken Albanian.

• Experience and/or knowledge of procurement in the business sector of the Republic of North Macedonia.

• Knowledge of the EU and Western Balkan public procurement legal framework and practices .

• Practical experience from civil society organization in North Macedonia working on issues related to anti – corruption and procurement.

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Application Form

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