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Mag. Heidrun Zanetta

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Team Office Vienna

  • Uredska pomoćnica i upravljanje projekata
    Christiana Kodytek

    Christiana Kodytek Uredska pomoćnica i upravljanje projekata

    Christiana Kovaricek, is responsible for back office activities, project management and organization. Due to many years of experience in technical management, she has a vast knowledge of project management, budget preparation and controlling.

  • Upravljanje projekata i računovodstvo
    Ines Levy, MA

    Ines Levy, MA Upravljanje projekata i računovodstvo

    Ines Levy, MA holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Vienna in social sciences and is a staff member at AEI since 2012. She is responsible for accounting, controlling and project management. She could gain experience while working in different parts of international and national projects (f.e. KIRAS security research) with special focus on security research and gentrification, as well as sociological factors regarding preventing violence and social control. During her university studies, she has acquired competencies in empirical social research, including the research design, development of research tools and evaluation.

  • Savjetnica za projekte i službenica za javnu navbavu
    Mag. Julia Schmid

    Mag. Julia Schmid Savjetnica za projekte i službenica za javnu navbavu

    Mag. Julia Schmid, is staff member and responsible for project management and IT services. She holds a Master's Degree in Law with special focus on international law from the University of Vienna and the University of Oslo. Ms. Schmid has also worked as an advisor for the Permanent Mission of Austria to the United Nations in New York City with a special emphasis on economic, legal and social committees and topics as well as having worked as an advisor for the Permanent Mission of Austria to the European Union in Brussels reagarding financial, tax and banking matters.

    She has experience in project- and conference management through various UN student-level conferences and as a lawyer working for international law firms in Austria.

  • Savjetnik za projekte i službenik za javnu nabavu
    Mag. Dr. Mario Springnagel

    Mag. Dr. Mario Springnagel Savjetnik za projekte i službenik za javnu nabavu

    Mario Springnagel studied Business Administration and Political Science in Vienna. He graduated with a doctoral thesis about „Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence“. His professional career he started in an auditing firm as auditor, authorized officer and controller. After being director in a mathematical-physics institute he went into business for himself as science-manager and scientist (Cultural-Management-Knowledge). With Gerhard Fink, Hans-Georg Heinrich, Elsa Hackl and former Ambassador Gerald Hinteregger he was in charge of two research institutes (EPOC, GESOK) and the Arbeitskreis-Ost, organizing national and international research programmes and conferences. Besides he has been working as a free lancer at the University of Vienna since 2002.

  • Zaštita podataka
    Fran Loncar

    Fran Loncar Zaštita podataka

    Fran is responsible for all topics regarding data protection and assists the company within the framework of ongoing Twinning proejcts. He is currently a student at the University of Vienna -  Faculty of Law.

  • Upravljanje projekata
    Diana Silvestru, MA

    Diana Silvestru, MA Upravljanje projekata

    Diana Silvestru, MA is a sociologist who has been working in several EU research projects over the past six years. She holds a Master´s Degree in Social Science with special focus on security studies, urban sociology, mobility and social research methods. At the AEI she is responsible for project management and research within national and international projects. Mrs. Silvestru could gain work experience while working a.o. at the Vienna University of Technology, Department of Spatial Planning, Centre of Sociology; the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology and the Center for European Security Studies of the Sigmund Freud Private University.

  • Upravljanje projekata
    MMag. Karine Selma Laronze

    MMag. Karine Selma Laronze Upravljanje projekata

    MMag Karine Selma Laronze is staff member and responsible for project management, and controlling at AEI since 2014 mainly for Twinning projects and other EU-funded projects. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a CEMS Master’s in International Management from ESADE Business School and Stockholm School of Economics. Ms. Selma Laronze has more than 6 years of international experience in Business Consulting and led Project Management Offices in large-scale projects.

Team Office Zagreb

  • Senior Project Officer i voditeljica ureda u Zagrebu
    Mag. Marcela Skobalj

    Mag. Marcela Skobalj Senior Project Officer i voditeljica ureda u Zagrebu

    Mag. Marcela Skobalj, is responsible for project development, financial management, cultural management, and works as a Project Consultant. She holds a Master's Degree in English Literature, Indology, and Human Resource Management. Ms. Skobalj has 18 years of experience in European Commission funded projects and as a Conference Interpreter. She was a Task Manager in the European Union Delegation where her work was mainly focused on Customs and Tax matters and Human Rights topics. She worked as a trainer and organized many high-level conferences, and is an excellent Communication Manager.

  • Upravljanje projekata
    Dragan Kovačević, MA

    Dragan Kovačević, MA Upravljanje projekata

    Dragan Kovačević is a graduate professor of English language and literature and a professor of information sciences. Since 2008, he has been working with EU Funds since he started working at the Croatian Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) in the Project Preparation and Implementation Directorate. Through 7 years of work at the CFCA, he has gained considerable experience in the preparation and implementation of projects. From April 2015 he has worked at Teamnet Croatia as a procurement expert by preparing complex tenders under the rules of the Public Procurement Act. Since January 2016 he has worked as a business consultant at Teched Advisory Services in preparing tenders in public procurement procedures under the Public Procurement Act and the World Bank and PRAG Public Procurement Rules. From September 2016 he worked for the company Project Equals Development assessing the compatibility and competitiveness of project ideas for individual EU funds tenders, and selling various company services and preparing complex bids. He also has a certificate in the field of Croatian public procurement..

  • Uredska pomoćnica
    Ana Knežević

    Ana Knežević Uredska pomoćnica

    Ms. Ana Knežević, is responsible for daily office management of the Croatian Branch of AEI. Organizing meetings, workshops, and doing accounting and filing of documents. She has finished School for Tourism, Trade and Finances. Ms. Knežević has more than 10 years of experience in managing private enterprises in the sector of Hospitality Industry and Tourism. She has great experience in preparing and organizing meetings, and has great communication and social skills.

  • Project Management
    Andrea Holjevac, MA

    Andrea Holjevac, MA Project Management

    Andrea Holjevac is responsible for project management, budget controlling, and visibility/communication planning. She holds an MA in Economics and specializes in business informatics (BI) and management. Ms. Holjevac has more than 7 years of experience in the IT sector, project management and planning, consultancy, twinnings and has been involved in many EU funded projects.