Support to the National Employment Policy




The Twinning project was focused on developing the capacity of relevant bodies and institutions in terms of long-term forecasting of the labour market, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the national employment policy. Namely, in order to tackle successfully the current challenges in the labour market and fulfil its European commitments, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy together with other relevant stakeholders needs to progressively improve the overall capacities for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of employment policy. Furthermore, development of capacity and skills for long-term forecasting of the labour market is necessary for provision of data and analysis that will underpin better informed policy-making in the field of employment and education. Successful implementation of these processes requires effective coordination of the efforts of all stakeholder institutions and social partners. In this regard, the project also supported the country in its endeavours to meet the general requirements and common criteria of the European Union in the area of employment.