Support to the Fight against Money Laundering




The project purpose was to increase the competence of the bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fight against money laundering, financing of terrorism and financial crime up to the level required for EU accession

The project developed strategic priority measures for the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorist activities and implement reinforced prevention of money laundering system by relevant stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina timely and efficiently. It addresseed the problems related to the capacities of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FID) and other specialised financial investigation units at all administrative levels to carry out their tasks and strengthened the cooperation and coordination of FID with these units and all other law enforcement agencies within BiH and internationally. A very important part of the project was the assistance to bring the BiH legal framework in line with the EU requirements and increase the effectiveness in forfeiture and seizures of criminally gained assets. Special attention was given to increasing the financial investigation capacities at all levels and assist prosecutors and judges to further specialise in relevant fields related to money laundering and financing of terrorist activities and to other financial offences. Development and implementation of respective joint training strategy(ies) and increased public awareness were also important components of this project fiche.