Strengthening the taxation system in the VAT field to prepare the development of the VIES IT Interconnectivity System




The overall objective of the project was to strengthen and modernise the Croatian Tax Administration to fully comply with the acquis requirements. The project therefore assisted the Croatian Tax Administration to bring the existing VAT system further in line with the acquis and to developed capacity to set up Community conform VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) interconnectivity structures.
The project consisted of 3 components:
1. Administrative capacity building in the VAT field: drafting the relevant VAT legislation in line with EU requirements, on enhanced organisation and procedures and on a comprehensive training programme
2. Establishment of the Central Liaison Office (CLO) developing basic business structures for mutual assistance with other EU Member States, set up, monitoring and implementing the relevant business change management plan, and draft the relevant VIES legislation.
3. VIES development: assistance in preparation of the relevant VIES IT documentation and the development of the Croatian IT solution in the context of VIES. This component also assisted in the preparation of the Terms of Reference in connection with two service contracts as foreseen under the Phare 2005 and Phare 2006 programmes.