Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of Interior to combat cybercrime




The overall objective was to enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Interior to effectively combat cybercrime within the EU and international environment, in line with the related European policies and strategies.

The project purpose consisted of two components:
Component I: Strengthening capacities of Forensic Science Centre for forensic investigation of cybercrime Capacities of the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) to provide support to investigating cybercrime developed, as well as the expertise and evidence for processing and prosecuting of such criminal offences, following the best practices of the EU Member States.
Component II: Strengthening capacities of the Criminal Police Directorate for fighting cybercrime at the national, regional, European and international level Capacities of the Criminal Police to investigate cybercrime enhanced, including the ability to exchange information and cooperate with the relevant law enforcement agencies of other countries and to operate in line with the EU anti-cybercrime initiatives.