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Short-Term Expert

Internal Reference:



The Short-term ICT Expert will develop a web submission tool for registration, changes to registrations and de-registration as well as a public registry and a “connection between registration and the registry”. Moreover a red-flag system will be developed based on the information provided by staff of the SCPC.
The Short-term ICT Expert will report directly to the Component Leader for Component 3 and the International Technical ICT Expert. The development of the ICT tools should be synced with the development of other registers existing in the SCPC or those in process of being developed. This will allow for a similar design and provide user friendly tools for the SCPC staff working with several registers.
Expert will hold weekly meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to closely follow the work of the Expert and stay informed on any issues that need to be addressed by the SCPC.

Place of Employment:

North Macedonia

Estimated Duration of Employment:

Jan 2022 – Feb 2022

Necessary Qualifications/Skills:

• University degree (or ten years of relevant experience)
• 7 years of overall professional experience after graduation
• Fluency in Macedonian and English
Specific professional experience
• Proven significant experience in analysis, definition and implementation of business processes
• Proven significant experience in analysis of IT systems
• Proven significant experience in providing requirement specifications for IT systems which include IT systems with integration components
• Proven significant experience in development of web applications
• Proven significant experience in development and/or deployment of integration with Alfresco document management system
• Proven significant experience in Java programming language
• Practical experience in implementation of IT systems in public institutions

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