Enhancing Inter-Agency Cooperation – development and implementation of Croatia’s IBM Strategy




IBM is seen as a coordination and cooperation among all the relevant authorities and agencies involved in border management with the aim of improving the addressing of common challenges, in order to ensure open, but controlled and secure borders. The IBM concept was approached on three levels: Intra-service, Inter-agency and international co-operation.

Intra-service co-operation is the co-operation within ministries and agencies responsible for specific tasks whereas, the Inter-agency co-operation takes a horizontal approach, whereby the services active at the border, as well as the central Ministries/authorities responsible for these services ensure proper co-operation and co-ordination. And the International Co-operation can be divided into three levels.

  • Local co-operation between officials on both sides of the border.
  • Bi-lateral co-operation between neighbouring states

Multinational co-operation, focusing on border management issues.