Integrated Border Management - Customs




The objective of the project was implementation of the Integrated Border Management system in Croatian Customs, sector Justice and Home Affairs. The project components were as follows:

Legislative Component:

  • Screening of national legislative and regulatory framework for Croatian Customs Administration in view of EU and international (e.g. WCO) standards.
  • Development of Gaps analysis and needs analysis report and adapted Customs Procedures Manual. Development of concrete regulatory measures as well as set of combined Nomenclature and TARIC, exemption clauses for the origin of goods and the alignment of the new legislation needs to be drafted.

Institutional Building Component:

  • Improving the capacity and efficiency of the main bodies within the Croatian Customs Administration.
  • Models of practices of EU – Member States, preparation of Croatian CA for an internal benchmarking system of the EU.
  • Development of proposals for a “Croatian Risk Management System” (intelligence-led risk assessment and selectivity techniques, etc.).

Training Component:

  • A modern train-the trainer system will be developed for Croatian Customs Administration.