Support to the Customs Administration in the field of Excise Duties




The purpose of this project was to set up all the necessary legal provisions and business procedures in the excise duty field and assist the Croatian Customs Administration to build capacity to start development of the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) as a part of IT interoperability system between the Member States as soon as possible. Further efforts and technical assistance was required in this area beyond the scope of this project under both PHARE 2005 and 2006 programmes.
The purpose of the IIS was to propose the scope and objectives of the Interoperability Programme (4 projects are suggested), to suggest a description of the organisation of the projects and a definition of the roles and responsibilities of the participants, estimate timescales and, resource requirements, suggest/provide examples of strategies that could be developed and suggest ideas to assist the Croatian Customs Directorate to improve its existing strategy in relation to Interoperability
The current EWSE, MVS and SEED systems was replaced by EMCS (Excise movement control system), and therefore a national development was required for the EMCS and this was foreseen as a major system development for all Member States.