Further harmonisation to EU practices and acquis on customs and taxation




The overall objective of the project was to support process of modernization of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), in particular of the customs, tax and information technologies in line with EU practises and the acquis and to ensure facilitation of legitimate trade and protection of society.

The purpose of this project was further approximation of the indirect taxation legislation and procedures to the acquis, as well as strengthening the administrative and operational capacity of the ITA  in order to ensure enforcement of the indirect taxation legislation and to prepare for application for accession to the Convention on Common Transit Procedures, to improve the ITA’s organisation and management capacity, to strengthen Intellectual Property Rights Unit, supported by the modernised IT technologies.

The expected outcomes of the project were:

  • Further alignment of legislation, procedures and practices of indirect taxation with the Acquis
  • Transit procedures harmonized with the procedures in the EU
  • Improved system of post-clearance customs control in organizational and procedural terms
  • Improving the work of the Intellectual Property Rights Unit (IPR)
  • Improved system of monitoring prohibitions and restrictions on imports and exports of goods
  • Improvement of methodology for upgrading the risk analysis
  • Development of the Law Enforcement Sector of the ITA, in line with the EU standards on law enforcement (customs and tax laws and regulations)