AEI took part at the Kick-off-symposium of the Danube Macro Region Business Week!

The event was organized in the framework of the SENATs initiative EEDF – EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM. During the High-Level Conference the following questions were discussed:

Is the Danube Region appropriately prepared for the ongoing digital change? How much do we depend on US-technology? How do the US monitor and perceive Europe and its industries? What are the big strategies behind the steadily growing Chinese influence in Europe? Of which relevance for the Danube Region is the Russian attitude towards Europe? What is the fundamental change in global business concepts and has the awareness regarding this dramatic change already reached the Danube Region? And how does all this effect the ecological situation of the Danube Region and its competitiveness? After the conference AEI joined the networking event and connected to new project partners for future cooperation’s.