StatusStart dateTitleFinancial sponsorType of projectBeneficiary countryBeneficiary country (Multi)Duration
Closed30.11.2012Promote the strengthening of E-Governance in Georgia (E-Government Georgia)ECTwinningGeorgia20
Closed11.02.2013Strengthening the National Planning Process in Bosnia and HerzegovinaECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed28.01.2013Further harmonisation to EU practices and acquis on customs and taxationECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed04.02.2013Strengthening readmission and sustainable reintegration in KosovoECTwinningKosovo24
Closed02.01.2013Integrated Border Management - Further strengthening of enforcement capacities of the Customs and Border PoliceECTwinningCroatia12
Running18.01.2013Preparation of Customs Administration of Montenegro for implementation of New Computerised Transit System – NCTSECTwinning LightMontenegro6
Running01.09.2013Support the Jordanian Traffic Institute/Public Security Directorate in traffic safety managementECTwinningJordan18
Closed13.09.2013Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Quality AssuranceECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed13.01.2014Supporting the capacity of CTA for further development of EU information exchange systemsECTwinning LightCroatia6
Running01.09.2014Implementation of a modern Financial Management and Control System and Public Financial Inspection in AlbaniaECTwinningAlbania27
Closed11.05.2014Strengthening Administrative Capacity of the Georgian Revenue Service in TaxationECTwinningGeorgia18
Closed22.04.2014Harmonization of the Croatian Customs Administration with the standards, organization and operational methodology of EU post-clearance control and auditECTwinning LightCroatia6
Closed23.06.2014Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of the Interior to combat cybercrimeECTwinningCroatia15
Running01.03.2015Harmonization of the legislation and procedures with the acquis and EU best practice related to exciseECTwinningMacedonia21
Running02.11.2014Support the adoption of the Schengen acquisECTwinningMontenegro21
Running24.06.2016Strengthening Law Enforcement in Bosnia and HerzegovinaECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed01.03.2012CT Sahel-Mise en oeuvreECService ContractSahelMali, Mauritania, Niger33
Running01.09.2013Gemeinsame Ermittlungen mit den Ländern am Westbalkan zur Bekämpfung der organisierten Kriminalität und deren Auswirkungen auf die Europäische UnionECGrantMultiAlbania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom28
Running01.09.2013Further development of ILECUs and Strengthening of the Strategic Approach of SEPCA within SEE to Combat Transnational crimeDEZAService ContractMultiAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia41
Closed01.01.2014Eine datenschutzkonforme Anbindung relevanter nationaler Datenbanken an eine AT-PIUECGrantAustria18
Closed01.01.2013Operation FIMATHU (Factilitation lllegal-Migation-effected-Austria-Hungary)ECGrantMultiAustria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia36
Running01.01.2014Operational cooperation for fighting sexual exploitation committed by Hungarian-based organized crime groups in Europe (SAUngarn)ECGrantMultiAustria, Hungary, Netherlands29
Closed01.10.2012QuOIMA – Quelloffene Integrierte Multimedia AnalysebmvitResearch & DevelopmentAustria24
Closed12.03.2003Harmonisation of legislation in the field of VAT application to intra-community goods, supplies and servicesECTwinning LightSlovakia6
Closed18.08.2003Design of Budgetary System for Contributions to/from the EU Budget after AccessionECTwinning LightSlovakia6
Closed19.08.2003Preparation of the national customs law and finalisation of the system of indirect taxation with European AcquisECTwinning LightSlovenia7
Closed25.03.2004Assistance to the Ministry of Finance for improving administrative capacity in the field of public procurementECTwinning LightEstonia8
Closed19.08.2002Implementation of the integrated tariff of the European Union-TARIC (TARIR)ECTwinningRomania20
Closed05.08.2003Strengthening the inter-operability of Romanian customs administration through the implementation of the strategy of inter-operability with EU systemsECTwinningRomania20
Closed30.11.2004Introduction of New Act on Value Added Tax and New Acts on Excise Duties into PracticeECTwinning LightSlovakia6
Closed01.03.2003Integrated Border Management - CustomsECTwinningCroatia23
Closed01.12.2004Reinforcement of Customs Control Capacity at the Hungarian Customs and Finance GuardECTwinning LightHungary9
Closed27.04.2005Institutional Building of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority in MaltaECTwinning LightMalta10
Closed15.11.2005Strengthening of functions, performed by the Audit department of Rural Support ServiceECTwinning LightLatvia3
Closed31.08.2004Improvement of the Readiness of the Police of the Slovak Republic for Accession to the EUROPOLECTwinning LightSlovakia6
Closed06.12.2005Resource Centre for countering Trafficking in Human BeingsECTwinning LightRomania8
Closed14.06.2005Post-clearance Audit Reinforcement ProjectECTwinning LightLatvia6
Closed26.04.2006Fight against commercial Fraud - Reinforcement of the Chemical Institute of the HCFGECTwinning LightHungary6
Closed01.11.2005Fight against commercial Fraud - Strengthening the administrative capacity of the HCFG as regards inspections and laboratory examinationECTwinningHungary12
Closed20.01.2006Strengthening Malta’s Capacity to Issue VisasECTwinning LightMalta8
Closed01.04.2004Integrated Border Management - StrategyECTwinningCroatia21
Closed01.07.2004Setting up the EUROPOL UnitECTwinningRomania12
Closed22.12.2006Part A: "Training of the staff for Police Cooperation"ECTwinning LightSlovenia11
Closed08.01.2007Preperation of the Joint AuditECTwinning LightHungary4
Closed31.12.2004Role of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in implementing legal and administrative reforms. Compliance of normative acts with federal legislation / normative legal acts hierarchyWorld BankGrantRussian Federation12
Closed19.06.2006Preventing and Combating Money LaunderingECTwinningCroatia18
Closed08.01.2007Enhancement of Active Citizenship of Young PeopleECTwinning LightHungary6
Closed01.03.2006Implementation of the harmonized legislation on occupational safety and health in the small and medium-sized enterprisesECTwinningRomania21
Closed13.07.2005Community transit-conform customs procedures and IT interconnectivity System (NCTS)ECTwinningCroatia17
Closed08.01.2006Strengthening the Taxation System in the VAT field to prepare the development of the VIES IT interconnectivity system (VIES I)ECTwinningCroatia21
Closed04.11.2005Modernisation of the Customs Administration in view of preparing for the Integrated Tariff Management System (ITMS)ECTwinningCroatia24
Closed01.03.2006Support to the Customs Administration in the field of excise duties (EMCS)ECTwinningCroatia18
Closed29.09.2006Development of the Albanian State Police´s Criminal Intelligence Gathering and Analysis CapabilityECTwinningAlbania15
Closed30.10.2007Improvement of review system in Bulgaria in the areas of Public Procurement and ConcessionsECTwinning LightBulgaria6
Closed13.12.2007Enhancement of adminitrative capacity in the area of family support co-ordination systemECTwinning LightLatvia8
Closed04.09.2007Strengthening the Occupational Health and Safety StructureECTwinningSlovakia13
Closed31.12.2007Reinforcement and training of the criminal service of the Hungarian customs administration in the fight against frauds – especially carousel VAT fraud on the single market – threatening the economy and violating the financial interests of the European UnionECTwinning LightHungary6
Closed17.09.2007Institutional Building, secondary legislation drafting and training concerning the movable cultural Heritage and cultural goodsECTwinningRomania12
Closed01.04.2007Strengthening of the School of Public FinanceECTwinningRomania18
Closed09.11.2007TARIC (ITMS II) Adaptation - Management SupportECTwinningCroatia18
Closed07.09.2007NCTS 2 Implementation - Management Support TwinningECTwinningCroatia18
Closed02.09.2007Further Strengthening of the Polish Customs ServiceECTwinningPoland18
Closed28.11.2008Institutional and organisational reinforcing of units responsible for ex-post control falling under the regulation (EEC) 4045/89 on ex post controls of expenditures from EAGF for intervention measures, as far as covered by the above mentioned regulation, export refunds and partly rural development, as far as covered by the above mentioned regulationECTwinning LightRomania6
Closed09.04.2007Institutional strengthening of the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA)ECTwinningEgypt26
Closed28.11.2007VIES II - Effective Management and Business SupportECTwinningCroatia18
Closed16.11.2007EMCS 2 Development - Management supportECTwinningCroatia18
Closed22.04.2008Strengthening capacity of The Unit for the Coordination and Verification of Public Procurement (UCVPP) regarding the public procurement verification proceduresECTwinning LightRomania5
Closed18.02.2009Improving the Management of Human Resources of the Romanian PoliceECTwinningRomania12
Closed26.11.2007Support for the development of community mental health services and the deinstitutionalization of persons with mental disordersECTwinningRomania24
Closed17.01.2008Institutional strengthening of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) in Egypt ECTwinningEgypt25
Closed24.09.2008Support to Strengthening of Road Freight and Passenger Transport Safety in UkraineECTwinningUkraine21
Closed16.02.2009Strengthening the internal audit capacity by developing the association process for the small public entities and the attestation system for the internal auditorsECTwinningRomania17
Closed01.03.2009ITMS III
ITMS Adaptation-Management Support-Twinning
Closed12.05.2009EMCS III - EMCS and AEO Development-Management Support TwinningECTwinningCroatia14
Closed24.03.2010Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Public Revenue Office (PRO) in the areas of investigation and fight against tax evasion through trainings of staff, and improved communication channelsECTwinning LightMacedonia6
Closed14.07.2009Enhancement of the capacity of the Bulgarian police though the introduction of EU models and methodics for crime analysisECTwinningBulgaria15
Closed05.01.2009Support to Transport Policy Design and Implementation in UkraineECTwinningUkraine23
Closed01.09.2009Implementation of Integrated Border Management SerbiaECTwinningSerbia21
Closed23.09.2008Enhancing road safety in Egypt through the reform of road safety planning and operationsECTwinningEgypt32
Closed04.01.2010Institutional Strengthening of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)ECTwinningMacedonia16
Closed01.06.2009VIES III - Strengthening and Enhancement of the Croatian Tax Administration IT function to Achieve the EU Standards in the VAT FieldECTwinningCroatia18
Closed06.01.2010Strengthening Capacities of Ministry of the Interior to Combat Narcotic Drugs Trafficking and Drug AbuseECTwinningCroatia18
Closed18.01.2010Support to the Customs AdministrationECTwinningMontenegro18
Closed28.01.2011Strengthening capacities to remedy irregularities in public procurement proceduresECTwinning LightCroatia8
Closed01.02.2010Support to the alignment of Customs Procedures with EU StandardsECTwinningAlbania25
Closed15.11.2009Strengthening the Rule of Law in Kosovo (Readmission and Asylum)ECTwinningKosovo27,5
Closed24.04.2011Support the implementation of the Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) modelECTwinning LightMontenegro6
Closed13.05.2011Strengthening of the Tax Administration in the fight against corruptionECTwinning LightCroatia6
Closed10.01.2011Health and Safety at WorkECTwinningCroatia18
Closed10.11.2010Appui au Renforcement de la Sécurité Routière au MarocECTwinningMorocco25
Closed17.01.2011Support for the implementation of the BiH Integrated Border Management (IBM) Strategy and Action PlanECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed06.12.2010Support to further EU Acquis alignment of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiHECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Closed25.04.2011Harmonisation with EU norms of the legislation and standards of Georgia in the field of Civil AviationECTwinningGeorgia18
Closed09.01.2012Support to the tourism sector in GeorgiaECTwinningGeorgia15
Closed01.09.2011Support to the National Employment PolicyECTwinningMacedonia21,5
Closed01.07.2012Supporting Integration of Ethnic Communities in the Educational SystemECTwinningMacedonia14
Closed01.03.2012Reinforcement of the administrative and technical capacity with a view to ensuring efficient performance of the activities of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) and enhancement of the administrative and technical capacity of the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Agency (AAIA)ECTwinningCroatia20
Closed05.12.2004Public Expenditure ReviewWorld BankService ContractKazakhstan6
Closed01.06.2004Training of the senior management and the assistant officers of the new created General Directorate Countering Organized Crime and Anti Drug in RomaniaDEZAService ContractRomania7
Closed15.03.2005Tactical and technical course for law
enforcement experts and analysts in
euro counterfeiting
ECService ContractBalkan10
Closed13.12.2005Training of the Senior Management of the Moldavian Police and Prosecutor's office in MoldaviaDEZAService ContractMoldavia10
Closed18.04.2005Police Co-operation Convention for South Eastern Europe (PCC)Federal Republic of GermanyService ContractBalkanAlbania, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia,14
Closed01.12.2005Entwicklung eines Zeugenschutzprogrammes für das Innenministerium der Republik MoldauADAService ContractMoldavia9
Closed01.12.2006Beratung und Unterstützung im Bereich Häftlingsbeschäftigung (bilateral)Hungarian Ministry of Justice and law EnforcementService ContractHungary3
Closed06.07.2005Training of the senior management and the assistant officers of the new created State and Protection Agency (SIPA) in Bosnia and HerzegovinaDEZAService ContractBosnia and Herzegovina8
Closed13.12.2005Training of the senior management of the Public Security Office in MacedoniaDEZAService ContractMacedonia7
Closed01.10.2006Senior-Management-Training for the Ministry of Security in Bosnia and HerzegovinaDEZAService ContractBosnia and Herzegovina12
Closed27.04.2009Enhancing Asylum Conditions and international Protection in the Republic of Belarus (AENEAS 2) (Study visit für weissrussiche Delegation im BMI)ECGrantBelarus0
Closed23.08.2008Mission of Needs Assessment/Identification in the context of the future rehabilitation/Reconstruction of damaged areas and sectors of GeorgiaECService ContractGeorgia2
Closed12.03.2010Reinforcing crisis preparedness in HaitiECService ContractHaiti1
Closed04.08.2010Prefeasibility Study for a Counter-terrorism Programme in PakistanECService ContractPakistan0,4
Closed18.04.2009Development of work plan for ministry of financeECService ContractHaiti1
Closed30.03.2009Identification Mission for a police reform programme in DRCECService ContractCongo1
Closed20.05.2010Capacity building for stemming illicit SALW trafficking via air - Pre-feasibility in the Great lakes RegionECService ContractMultiKenya, Tanzania, Uganda0
Closed01.09.2008Establishment of International Law Enforcement Co-ordination Units (ILECUs)ECGrantBalkanAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia33
Closed01.12.2005Unterstützung der Länder Südeuropas beim Aufbau von polizeilichen Kapazitäten zur Eindämmung von THB, Schlepperei und illegaler MigrationADAService ContractBalkanAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia50
Closed01.01.2007Strategic Partnership in Support of the Integrated Regional Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of VojvodinaADAService ContractSerbia55
Closed07.02.2011Counter-terrorism Pakistan - Pre-feasibility StudyECService ContractPakistan3
Closed01.08.2009Senior Management Training for the Border Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Police in KosovoDEZAService ContractMultiBosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo17
Closed09.11.2009Revenue Administration Modernization Project (RAMP) - Business Process Analysis and Reengineering of Core Operational and Headquarter functionsWorld BankService ContractCroatia27
Closed28.10.2008Police Assistance Mission of the European Community to Albania (PAMECA) IIIECGrantAlbania43
Closed01.03.2010Civilian Capacity Building for Law Enforcement in Pakistan (CCBLE)ECService ContractPakistan24
Closed01.12.2006Multidimensional Project for the Implementation of an Institutionalised Partnership between Austria and Kosovo in the Field of Higher Education, Research and InnovationADAService ContractKosovo50
Closed10.01.2011Police Cooperation Regional support to strengthen the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) Centre / SELEC for combating trans border crimeECGrantMultiAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey16
Closed01.02.2012VET Institutional Partnership Project (VIPP)ECService ContractKazakhstan17
Closed01.02.2010Police cooperation: Fight against organised crime, in particular illicit drug trafficking, and the prevention of terrorismECGrantBalkan and TurkeyAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia36
Closed18.10.2012Identification and Formulation Study for a project on Countering Violent Extremism in PakistanECService ContractPakistan10
Closed18.06.2012Revenue Administration Modernization Project (RAMP) - Implementation and Monitoring of Reengineered Business Processes within CTA including National Large Tax OfficeWorld BankService ContractCroatia13
Closed05.10.2012Strengthening the administrative capacity of Croatian Tax Administration on mutual cooperation in the field of taxationECTwinning LightCroatia6
Closed30.09.2011European Anti-Corruption Training ("Practice meets Practice")ECGrantBalkanWestbalkan26
Closed01.04.2013Joint Investigations along the Balkan Route to combat drug trafficking into the EU (incl. precursor-smuggling and confiscation of criminal assets)ECGrantBalkanAlbania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia17
Running07.09.2015Developing an advanced intelligence gathering and analysis system in the fight against organised crimeECTwinningMacedonia21
Running25.05.2015EMPACT Illegal ImmigrationECGrantMultiAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom18
Running04.05.2015Disruption of Excise Crime across EU MSsECGrantMultiAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom14
Running01.02.2015Joint Investigations along the Balkan Route to combat drug trafficking into the EU (incl. precursor-smuggling and confiscation of criminal assets)ECGrantBalkanAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Srpska (BiH), 28 EU-MS24
Running03.04.2017Support to the Fight against Money LaunderingECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Running01.10.2015EBeCa: Evaluation & Begletiung der Einführung von Body Worn Cameras. Resonanzanalyse, Wahrnehmung, Begleitmaßnahmen & EmpfehlungbmvitResearch & DevelopmentAustria15
Running01.10.2016Mobile Kommunikations- und Multi-Sensorlösung für Sicherheits- und Risikomanagement im Freiland und im ObjektschutzbmvitResearch & DevelopmentAustria24
Running02.01.2016Lob versus StrafebmvitResearch & DevelopmentAustria12
Running01.08.2016Technical Assistance for Reforming the Building Legislation FrameworkECGrantCyprus11
Running10.10.2016Croatian Tax Administration Information System applications development supervision (CRO TAXIT)ECTwinningCroatia18
Running01.09.2016Understand the Dimensions of Organised Crime and Terrorist Networks for Developing Effective and Efficient Security Solutions for First-line-practitioners and ProfessionalsECResearch & DevelopmentMultiEurope36
Running18.09.2015Systematische Nutzung "Neue Medien" im Rahmen der Polizeiarbeit auf allen Ebenen (ISF)ECGrantMultiEuropean Union0
Running01.12.2016CROWDfunding to mainSTREAM innovationECResearch & DevelopmentMultiDanube Region30
Running01.12.2014Strategic Partnership for Improving Training in Law Enforcement public InstitutionsECGrantMultiRomania, Germany, Austria15
Running22.10.2015Organised Property Crime Eurasia (OPC-EU)ECGrantMultiEuropean Union, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine32
Running01.12.2015Organised Crime - Coordinator Network for Law Enforcement information exchangeECGrantMultiEuropean Union, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine, Westbalkan29
Running01.03.2016Strategische Kriminalpolizeiliche Vorausschau (strategic foresight) - AKRONYM: BK-RadarECMultiEuropean Union, Czech Republic35
Running01.10.2015Internationales Lagezentrum für kriminalpolizeiliche Großereignisse, als Maßnahme des nationalen Programms 2014.-2020, Objective Crime Early Warnings and CrisisECGrantMultiEuropean Union21
Running24.06.2016Strengthening of the Agency for the Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (Audit Authority) for the Audit of EAGF, EAFRD and EMFF (CRO AGRI AUDIT)ECTwinning LightCroatia8
Running01.02.2017Improving capacity of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of Bosnia and HerzegovinaECTwinningBosnia and Herzegovina24
Running01.04.2016EMPACT Illegal Immigration 2ECGrantMultiAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom15
Running10.05.2016Disruption of Excise Crime across EU MSs 2016ECGrantMultiAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom14
Running26.04.2016Internationales Know-How „Personal-Sharing“ im Bereich „National Contact Points“ / Akronym „Info ExchangeECMultiAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Caucase Region, Countries of the BlackSea, and Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania69
Running01.02.2017Further harmonisation of the Customs
Administration with the EU acquis in the field of inspection supervisions (CRO CUSTOMS AUDIT)
Running08.02.2017System connecting and recommendations for further development of human resources management according to best EU practices (CRO HRM)ECTwinningCroatia12
Running10.10.2016Organised Property Crime Westbalkan - OPC-WBECGrantEuropean Union39
Running01.01.2017EMPACT Illegal Immigration 3ECGrantMultiAlbania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom6
Running01.12.2016Umsetzung der PNR Richtlinie in ÖsterreichECGrantAustria0
RunningEU-Libya Health Systems Strengthening (LHSS) ProgrammeEUService ContractLibya0
Running01.02.2015EU-Libya Health Systems Strengthening (LHSS) ProgrammeEUService ContractLibya25